Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A Negotiated Marriage

A Negotiated Marriage

Noelle Adams is one of my favorite authors who never fails to produce a wonderful book. She has written an engaging novel based on a marriage of convenience filled with steaming hot chemistry. I really enjoyed this book because firstly she depicts a heroine with a back bone who is independent and successful as well as a rich businessman who is not an over bearing alpha male who controls his wife life. At the same time she makes the characters come to life by bringing their vulnerability to light. Unlike other novels about marriages of convenience, she starts the novel from when they have already been married for three years and is able to depict the falling in love after marriage. Noelle has once again done a fabulous job and deserves applause for a well written novel.

Rating: 4/5


The story begins three years into a marriage of convenience between Molly who is a successful corporate investigator and Luke Lyons who is a successful and rich businessman. After three years of living together Luke has decided to renegotiate their marriage contract by adding sex into the mix. Initially they agree on sex once a week, but a couple weeks later they both realize that they both crave their off the charts sex more than once a week.  Molly starts to develop feelings for Luke but is now afraid to confront them as she has been burnt in the past.

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