Sunday, 31 July 2016

Bride by Mistake (Montana Born Brides #3)

Bride by Mistake

Bride by Mistake is the third book in the Montana Born Brides series which is based in the charming town Marietta. This was my first time reading a book by Nicole Helm and I did enjoy the sweet and sexy love story. There was great chemistry between Katlin and Beckett and the book was well written, but there was nothing new about the story of bad boy and good girl falling in love. I did enjoy that Nicole had highlighted the characters insecurities and showed their journey of moving past them, but I did wish the book was a bit more longer had more depth in both story and characters.

Rating: 3/5


Katlin Shuller  always dreamed of marrying Carter while growing up, but now the man of her dreams is marrying her sister. On her sisters wedding day Katlin is heartbroken after realizing all her plans and dreams have been destroyed.  Now enters her brothers best friend Beckett who is Mariettea's resident bad boy.

Beckett had a tough time growing up and has always being trying to outrun his bad reputation of being a bad seed. After Katlin heart is broken she decides to offer herself to Beckett as way to feel loved and desired.

After their one night of wild sex, Katlin and Beckett life changes forever and Beckett finally decides to stop running and make Katlin his bride.

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