Tuesday, 4 April 2017

You Don't Know Me

You Don't Know Me

This is a family story based on two famous brothers who find out after their fathers death that they have a half sister who has inherited millions of dollars from their father. I really think hat this book had a lot of potential in terms of plot line, but due to poor execution it had failed to hit the mark. This was my first time reading a book by Faleena Hopkins and personally I did nit enjoy her writing because firstly I spotted spelling errors which is a big no no in my book and secondly I disliked that there were so many different point of view in the book because at times it made it confusing and difficult to read.  I had initially liked Rue's character because she had a strong back bone and was living as an independent girl supporting herself, but as as the book went on I found myself  beginning to hate her because she became immature especially when she was throwing tantrums and she let the fact that she is now rich change her personality.  Jack's character was also very immature because he was willing to go to any extent to try and hurt his innocent half sister. I enjoyed Sean's character because he was sweet and caring as well as the protective brother who did not like to flaunt his wealth or waste money. Alec's character to me seemed very confused half the time because he was always trying to fight his attraction to Rue and I hated that he did not stand up for her against Jack. I would have like to see more substance in Alec's character because I felt like we hardly knew him. The chemistry between Alec and Rue was poor because their relationship was not given as much importance in the book as it should have. The book was more about the brothers which I felt could have been made into a series where each of the brothers got their own book with their own stories.

Rating: 2.5/5


Rue Calliwell, is an orphan and an aspiring dancer, who inherits $50 million dollars from her father she never knew existed. With the money comes two half brothers that she never knew she had, one of which hates her and the other who wants to protect her. 

Jack is furious when he finds out about his half sister and he decides to make her feel pain by getting his best friend and rock star, Alec Gabriel, to break her heart. When Alec meets Rue he is instantly attracted to her and begins to start falling in love with her. Will Alec be able to stand up for Rue  and changer her mind about wanting to be alone?

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