Tuesday, 29 November 2016

A Promise of Home (Lake Howling #1)

A Promise of Home

I enjoyed this sweet romance which had a bit of danger, family, small towns and PTSD. It was my first time reading a book by Wendy Vella and I found her writing average and at times boring even though she had a good story line. I liked Jake and Branna's characters, but I felt they weren't well developed. However, I loved the secondary characters of Buster, Ethan and Branna's father  as they were well conceived and added more depth and lightness to the book. The chemistry between Jake and Branna was good, but Wendy had rushed their intimate scenes and it felt sometimes like their sex scenes were pointless.  The climax of the book felt very rushed and not well written as well as there was too many loose ends in the book especially with the book club ladies. I enjoyed the story, but poor execution and writing prevented the book from being brilliant.

Rating: 3/5


Branna O' Donned returns to Lake Howling, after many years, when she inherits her friends house. She decides that this will be her fresh start, where she can maybe put her demons to rest. However, with a small town comes many complications including Jake McBride. 

Jake was one of the golden boys of the small town, but after returning from Iraq he had given up his passion which was practicing medicine.  As soon as Jake and Branna meet, sparks begin to fly. Both of them are fighting their own demons and don't know how to make a relationship work, but at the same time they are finding it difficult to walk away from each other.

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