Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Dare to Take (Dare to Love #6)

Dare to Take

I am a huge fan of Carly Phillips and all her characters especially the Dare family, hence I could not resist reading the latest installment of the Dare to Love series.  This is the sixth book in the series and the best part is that all the books in this series can be read as a stand alone novel. Carly once again did not disappoint with her flawless and talented writing as well as with her strong and well conceived characters. I loved Tyler's alpha male character (which of course is a trait in all the Dare men) and the fact that he was able to recognize his flaws and change them. Ella was a strong and independent woman who had gotten used to surviving on her own and her ability to change her life despite her difficult childhood was what made her so likable to me. I enjoyed the fact that I got to see the Dare family characters from the previous books because it made me appreciate the series even more. The chemistry between Tyler and Ella was of the charts, but I also enjoyed seeing both of their characters mature throughout the book.  I also liked the little bit of danger and drama in the book, however I would have liked a little more mystery as the twist was quiet obvious from the start of the book. This was a brilliant book as well as series and I am always looking forward to reading a book by Carly Phillips as she is one of the most talented writers I have ever come across.

Rating: 4/5


Ella Shaw has always had a crush on her best friends older brother and when the opportunity arises to get together with him she just cant seem to resist. Tyler Dare was on leave from the army when he started to recognize that his sisters best friend has turned into a woman and after one too many drinks he gives into a night of passion which he ends up regretting the next morning. 

Now many years later Ella is stranded on a tropical island and only Tyler can save her. Tyler decides this is his opportunity to correct his mistakes from the past and he then slowly finds out that his attraction to Ella has never gone away. Will both Ella and Tyler be able to overcome their demons in order to find love?

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