Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Find Her Keep Her: A Martha's Vineyard Love Story (Love in the USA #1)

Find Her Keep Her: A Martha's Vineyard Love Story

This was one of the most crazy and ridiculous story I have ever read because of the awful characters and lack of chemistry. It is my second time reading a book by Z.L Arkadie and I had had high expectations because I enjoyed other books of hers, but this book ended up disappointing me because of the poor choice of words used during the intimate scenes. The book felt very rushed at many times and this did not allow for well written character development and plot line. I generally love a possessive alpha male, but in this book Jack's behavior just annoyed me because he seemed so pushy especially for meeting someone for the first time and he often did not give Daisy a chance to think things through he would just try to rail road her with sex. Jack's character felt very immature especially with his constant wanting to have sex, he was never able to form the emotional connection with Daisy which I felt was really needed in this book. Daisy's character I felt was weak and did not have a back bone because she was unable to get out of a relationship she was not happy in and she seemed to just fall into bed with someone she just met without even thinking much about it, but I did enjoy her back story and when the explained the reason for insecurities. The intimate scenes between Jack and Daisy were short and Jack never could control himself which did not make for a good read especially with the poor choice of words used. I felt the chemistry and emotions between Jack and Daisy was non existent and I think this was partially because we only got see Jack's point of view towards the end of the book. I did love the magical location of Martha's Vineyard because it made you want to go on vacation in this wonderful town. Overall this was a story which had potential, but due to poor execution ended up disappointing the reader.

Rating: 2.5/5


Daisy Blanchard, who is a travel writer, discovers over a Facebook post that her best friend and boyfriend have gotten engaged. Being completely heart broken, Daisy decides to take a work assignment to Martha's Vineyard where she meets sexy billionaire Belmont Jaxson Lord. Belmont a.k.a. Jack fell in love with Daisy at first sight and he wants her really bad, but will Daisy be able to get over her broken heart to give a relationship with Jack a chance? 

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