Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Unspoken (Woodlands #2)


Unspoken is the second book in the Woodlands series, but can be read as a standalone just like I did. This was my first time reading a book by Jen Frederick and I enjoyed the characters and their development throughout the book as well as I loved that she chose to base her book on the relevant topic of bullying and its consequences. AnneMarie character was a great example of how bullying can affect a person's life and I liked the fact that she did not leave campus due to it, but I did find that she was weak at some points when she refused to carry on living her college life as normal. Bo was a strong character with some crazy daddy issues which resulted in him not believing in himself or his ability to get over his past. I loved the alpha male side of Bo, but I did not enjoy the fighting as a release of anger. The chemistry between Bo and AM was scorching hot and the intimate scenes were well written.  The beginning of the book was excellent and the story of two people trying to overcome their past really drew me in, but towards the end of the book it began ti drag and I felt the book getting boring and it became difficult for me to complete, however I did like the addition of the 10 and 18 years later chapters. I enjoyed the dual point of view style of writing, but I did find many typos in the beginning of the book which really annoyed me. Overall this was a good book with a captivating story and I would definitely want to read the rest of the series.

Rating: 3.5/5


One drunken night at Central College caused AnneMarie to lose her reputation and to become the girl who all guys considered easy and a slut. After that AM decided to stay away from Central social life and men, that is until she meets her irresistible biology partner. He is everything AM should stay away from, he is a Marine and an illegal fighter who has a short temper and is a charmer to the ladies. 

Bo always runs on instinct and ever since he came to Central College he has gotten a release through fights and women, that was until she met AM. AM was everything that Bo didn't know he needed or wanted.  The more he spends time with her the more he wants her, but he knows AM has been hurt in the past and he does not want to be the one to break her completely.  

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