Saturday, 19 August 2017

Worth the Scandal (Worth It #1)

Worth the Scandal

I am a fan of Karen Erickson and I found this book to be a little disappointing as it did not have the usual charm that is present in her book and characters. Lets start of with Alex, I enjoyed the whole alpha male aspect of his character, but I hated it when he was behaving like a jerk towards Tessa. Then there was Tessa who behaved like a spineless doormat who just agreed with everything Alex did because she loved him. The chemistry between Alex and Tessa was good, but nothing out of this world. I enjoyed Karen's dual point of writing style, however I did feel like the book was too short and missing many elements. In the beginning they speak about Alex being betrayed, but no information was given on that, then at the end they did not show us Tessa's reaction to falling pregnant as well as all the turmoil she went through with becoming a single parent and I felt that this lead to a lack of depth in the characters and the story. Overall it is an okay read, but it was not up to the standards of Karen's other books.

Rating: 3/5


Alexander Worth, is the CEO of Worth Luxury Goods, he is completely loyal to his business and family and he is always in control until it comes to his assistant Tessa Crawford. Because Tessa works for him she is the one woman he needs to stay away from.

Tessa is highly attracted to her gorgeous boss, but she knows that the last thing she must do is throw away her career by falling into bed with her boss. But when Alex and Tessa go on extended business trip to Europe, their chemistry and attraction become hard to deny and resist. 

Once they both return home, there is whispers of corporate espionage and Alex proves that his loyalty lies with his business and family.  After Alex dismisses her from the company and his life, Tessa is determined to move on and to get over her fling but the only problem is that she is now carrying his child. 

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