Thursday, 26 October 2017

Claiming Her Seal (Assignment: Caribbean Nights #1)

Claiming Her Seal

This is the first installment in the Caribbean Night series as well as the first book that have read by Kat Cantrell. I am generally a huge fan of books based on Navy Seals because I love their alpha male and protective behaviour, but this book kind of disappointed me because I did not fall in love with Dex's character. I found that Dex was always so wrapped in his insecurities and he was always craving for someone to give his problems and feeling attention, which really was annoying at times especially when he painted himself as the devil. Emma's character was strong and independent and I enjoyed her standing up to Dex as well as to her fears, but she also became irritating with the back and forth with Dex because she was unable to make up her mind. The chemistry between Dex and Emma was good, but did not leave you wanting more. For a first time reader of Kat Cantrell, I found her dual point of view style of writing enjoyable, however the book did have a very slow and dragging feel to it. Overall this was an okay read which held nothing special or captivating, therefore making this book a time pass read.

Rating: 3/5


Dex Riley is an ex Navy Seal, who hides the darkness of his past in his soul. He is now content running an island adventure company, in the Caribbean, with a few of his fellow Navy Seal friends, that is until Emma, a resort guest, targets him for vacation fling.

Emma is innocent and battling demons of her own and after Dex saves her from jerk who was being to hands on, she begins to hero worship him and yearns for the man she deserves. Emma scares Dex more than a war zone as he is unable to stay away from her.

Will both Emma and Dex be able to overcome the demons from their past for Emma to be able to claim her SEAL?


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