Thursday, 5 October 2017

Playing for Keeps (Neighbor from Hell #1)

Playing for Keeps

When I downloaded this book I was not sure if I had read this book before because it sounded familiar, but once I started reading the book and I had realized that I read  the book a couple years ago, but I still could not put the book down as it was so funny. R.L Mathewson delivers a brilliant read with flawless writing and humorous characters which keep you interested and addicted to the book right till the end. I loved Jason's character even though he was immature and irritating at times because he had managed to bring Haley out of her shell and he was hilarious throughout the book especially with his obsession with food. Haley's character development was brilliant as she went fro a shy pushover to someone who was willing to stand up for herself and I loved the pranks she used to play on Jason as it kept you laughing. The chemistry between Jason and Haley was hot and I enjoyed that their relationship was more than just a physical attraction. The drama and back and forth at the end of the book did get annoying, but it did not take away completely from this awesome book. Overall this was a fun, light and sexy contemporary romance novel that will definitely leave you with a smile on your face.

Rating: 4/5


Haley has decided that she is done being a shy pushover when her annoying neighbor pulls the last straw by trying to destroy her garden. Little did Haley know that with her new attitude she will end up getting sucked into his world, but Haley has a game plan as she knows that her annoying but gorgeous neighbor has the power to break her heart.

The last thing that Jason expected was for hos shy neighbor to go all crazy on him over ruing her flowers. After their first encounter he decides to take her under his wing to help her change from the pushover that she has been, but he cant help notice that she fits perfectly into his life. Now he is left to convince her that their relationship is anything but a game. 

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