Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Wicked Favor (The Wicked Horse Vegas #1)

Wicked Favor

This was my first time reading a book by Sawyer Bennet and I found it extremely hot and passionate. I loved Jerico's character because he was an alpha male who ran a successful business and he was extremely gorgeous, however I did not agree with the way he wanted to take revenge from Jayce but at the same time I understood the reasoning behind it. Trista's character was good and I enjoyed how she explored her sexuality with Jerico and the extent she was willing to go just for her niece. The chemistry between Jerico and Trista was explosive and will definitely leave the reader hot and bothered as Sawyer Bennet manged to incorporate sex with a good story and not just give us a book full of sex. Sawyers writing was good and I enjoyed the secondary character of Knynan and I am looking forward to read his story. Overall this was a hot book with a good story line and I am definitely going to read the rest of the series.

Rating: 3/5


Jerico Jameson is the owner of an elite sex club in Vegas called The Wicked Horse and he rarely spends the night alone or with the same woman twice. He is a gorgeous alpha male who does not grant favors to anybody, but when the sister of his sworn enemy shows up asking for a favor he sees a beautiful opportunity to help this gorgeous woman and extract revenge from her brother at the same time.

Trista Barnes is beaten and bruised and Jerico is her last option to get out of the trouble she currently in in. She knows that Jerico hates her brother, but she does not care as long as he can help her out. Jerico agrees to help Trista while opening her up to the sinful world she never knew existed.

Trist begins to succumb into Jerico's erotic charm and falls into the owrld of guilt free pleasure with no regrets. What will happen when Trista finds out that she was a pawn in Jerico's game and the price for his favor was more than she imagined - her heart? 

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