Friday, 16 March 2018

Charmed by the Bartender (Modern Love #1)

Charmed by the Bartender

This is the debut novel by author Piper Rayne, and it was absolutely fabulous for a first book because it was well written and had great characters.  I loved Cole's character because he was sweet and charming, but also possessed alpha male qualities that I loved in a billionaire, however I did not like when he was lying to Whitney because he was always wanting to know her secrets. Whitney's character was that of a modern day girl who is trying to pick herself up after being dealt a bad hand in life and I really enjoyed the fact that she kept on persevering, howsoever her lying to her best friend even for the right reasons were wrong. The chemistry between Cole and Whitney was hot and explosive and I really enjoyed watching them fight their attraction. The secondary characters of Lennon and Tahlia were enjoyable and well conceived. I enjoyed the authors writing, but I did wish that the book was dual point of view because I felt that I did not get to know Cole well enough because I did not get to read his perspective of the story. Even though the author managed to inject humor in the book seamlessly I felt that the drama at the end of the book that I was expecting was missing especially when all the secrets come to light. Overall this is a funny, sweet  and well written romance and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. 

Rating: 4/5


Whitney has been having a hard time recently as she lost her dream job, as forced to move back with her grandparents and was stood up by a guy on Tinder. So when the gorgeous and sexy guy behind the bar starts giving her the sultry look, she is unable to resist him.  

By the time Whitney figures out who the bartender really is, she has already begun falling for him. 

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