Wednesday, 7 March 2018

SEAL's Bride (Small Town SEAL's #1)

SEAL's Bride

This was my first time reading a book by Vivian Wood and I really enjoyed her dual point of view writing style, however she did not fulfill my expectation of the lovable alpha male hero which I have come to expect from SEAL books.  I found Sawyer highly annoying because he was being a man whore and treating Remy like a booty call and he did nit show much qualities of a Navy SEAL. Remy's character was irritating because I could not accept her decision to hide her son from Sawyer and the fact that she just assumed the worst of him and even when he is treating her like crap she is still falling back into his arms. I also felt that the author did not give much importance the issues in Sawyers life such has his troubled relationship with his father or the PTSD that he was suffering from. The chemistry between Remy and Sawyer was good, but annoyed me at the times when Sawyer was being a man whore. I found that the book also left many gaps like Sawyer confronting his father and the many days at the end when Sawyer disappeared. The part where Sawyer finds out about his son was very anti-climatic and I expected more emotion from that scene or it to happen earlier in the book and they take a while to sort through the drama which was definitely lacking in the book.  Overall this is an okay book with good writing and annoying characters, but I  had expected much more from a book based on SEAL's.

Rating: 3/5


Sawyer Roman is an ex-SEAL who has always left a trail a broken hearts behind him, so when he gets back to his hometown he has no intention of changing his ways, that is until he meets Remy River again. 

Remy River is the hot blonde who shares history with Sawyer, but when Sawyer sees her again she slams the door shut on his face because apparently she has not forgiven him for his past sins.

Four years ago Remy made a mistake and slept with irresistible Sawyer and while he was off killing the bad guys she had his baby and he does not know because of she ever told him his family threatened to ruin her. But now Sawyer is back looking even more gorgeous and he still wants Remy. 

If only she could ignore their chemistry and irresistible kisses, but Remy melts when he just looks at her. The secret of his son is growing heavier and heavier day by day and the guilt keeps on growing.

Remy has to tell Sawyer that Shiloh is his son, but can they start afresh or will it be the end of their love story? 

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