Monday, 23 April 2018

Summer Heat: A Storm Inside Novel (The Wild Pitch Series Book 1)

Summer Heat: A Storm In Inside Novel

I am a huge fan of sport romances and I really enjoyed this second chance love story filled with family feuds and unconditional love. This was my first time reading a book by Alexis Anne and her writing was good, but I wished the book was written from a dual point of view because as I reader at time I wanted to know what was happening with Roman's family and what was going through his mind. I also did not enjoy the past and present style of writing as I wished that they had just given us the background story first and then continued with the story because it sometimes felt like we were missing important facts about their past. Roman's character was your typical alpha male sportsman however I enjoyed the fact that he did not let his injury ruin him but instead he made it positive and became a better person. June's character always seemed confused as she did not know what she wanted or needed and this kind of annoyed me. The chemistry between June and Roman was good, but it could have been better. I also enjoyed the secondary characters of all Junes family members as they added to the humor of the book. Overall this was a good second chance sports romance filled with family drama.

Rating: 3/5


June Daniels had fallen in love with the wrong man many years ago because they could never be together due to their family feud.

Roman St James was off limits, but this feud was neither Junes or Roman's. Their family rivalry is one of the most famous in baseball history, but Roman is nothing like his father. One smile had turned into one date and one date into so much more which lead to a disaster. Now five years later June wonders what could have become if they stayed together. This is until one night in a locker room changes everything. 


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