Monday, 16 April 2018

Your Irresistible Love (The Bennett Family #1)

Your Irresistible Love

After a very long time did I found a book that I really enjoyed because this book had the almost everything I love in a romance novel such as an alpha male, an independent female character and great chemistry.  This was my first time reading a book by Layla Hagen and I found that I really enjoyed her dual point of view style of writing and the fact that she did not only make this book about the romance but also about family and friendships. I loved Sebastian's character because he was a self built billionaire who loved his family and always put them first in his life and of course I loved that he was a gorgeous alpha male who gets possessive.  Ava's character was great because she was self sufficient and independent and was more impressed by Sebastian's family and character rather than his money and success. The chemistry between Sebastian and Ava was hot and I really enjoyed that the book was more than just sex, however I did wish that there was more drama in the book. I also really enjoyed the secondary characters of all the Bennett siblings because this book has set the foundation for a great series. Overall this is a great billionaire romance filled with family and a whole lot of chemistry.

Rating: 4/5


Sebastian Bennett is a determined businessman who had built Bennett Enterprises from scratch. Even though he is ruthless in the business arena, his family comes first for him and he can do anything for his parents and siblings even if they drive him crazy at times especially when they are nagging him to get married. 

Sebastian does not believe in love, that is until he brings in an external marketing consultant Ava to oversee his next product launch. She is smart, beautiful and stubborn but Sebastian finds himself addicted to her curves and he finds himself willing to do anything to maker her smile.  He is determined to have Ava even if she is off limits to him. 

Ava Lindt has come to Bennett Enterprises to do one job, that is to make their next collection launch unforgettable, so daydreaming about the CEO should be that last thing on her mind. The firm she works for has a strict no fraternizing with the clients policy, therefore Ava is not willing to risk her job as well as her heart. 

Sebastian and Ava's sizzling chemistry turns into a deeper connection that surprises them both. When Ava's consultancy comes to an end with Sebastian's company, will he fight for the woman he loves or will he lose for good? 

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