Thursday, 11 August 2016

Not Quite Perfect (Not Quite #5)

Not Quite Perfect

(This review is based on the ARC provided by the publisher via Net Galley)

I have been a lover of Catherine Bybee ever since I read the Weekday Brides series, however this is the first of the five books in the  Not Quite  series that I have read.  I have to say that Catherine has not failed to impress again because she made me fall in love with  this book and the characters. Not Quite Perfect is a book that fills you with joy and love and keeps a mile on your face through most of the book.  Catherine writing throughout the book is flawless and she manages to take a simple story and elevate it to a wonderful page turner. I loved Mary's character as she she was independent as well as she  was able to recognize her flaws  and I enjoyed that Glen's character because he was playful, sexy and romantic. The secondary characters of Dakota, Walt, Mary Frances and the Jacobs were well written and developed. The chemistry between Glen and Mary was off the charts and their intimate scenes were so steamy that they sometimes made me blush. Catherine did an amazing job with including the sense of danger into the story as that is what made me unable to put the book down. This book sends the amazing message that long distance relationships can work if the couple is willing to put the effort into the relationship and each other. I cannot wait to read the previous books in the Not Quite  series, hats off to Catherine Bybee.

Rating: 4.5/5


Mary Kildare is a great therapist and an independent women who can read men well, therefore she has trust issues with most men that is until she meets rich and sexy playboy Grant Fairchild. Mary and Grant have known each other for over a year, due to mutual friends, and their attraction and chemistry leads them to have a teasing relationship.

Mary and Glen finally decide to test their attraction by starting to date exclusively. Since they both live on different sides of the country, Glen comes on weekends and whisks Mary on dates across the country using his private planes. At first this bi-coastal relationship seems to be perfect, bit when Mary's house is broken into and her life is threatened Glen realizes that living on a different coast maybe not the best option as he does not luxury of time with Mary's life at risk.

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