Sunday, 29 January 2017

Surrender in Paradise (Billionaire Bay #1)

Surrender in Paradise

This was a steaming hot romance based in one of the most magical locations I have ever imagined. It was my first time reading a book by Havana Scott and I found that she seamlessly manages to transport the reader into the dreamland of Sorendi Isle, which is a brilliant trait in an author.  Tristan was a sexy billionaire/pirate who owned a fantasy island and I enjoyed his character when he was pushing Paris to achieve more out of her life, but I could not stand him when he was lying, being a hypocrite and still being attracted to his ex when he was supposedly in love with Paris. I did find Paris'S character very annoying at times because she had no drive to succeed and better herself, she seemed happy and content to be stuck in a co-dependancy with her ex husband. The best part of the book was steaming hot chemistry between Tristan and Paris because it was well written and fit the scenery. I did feel that the book dragged towards the middle and end and I hated how Paris character had changed from someone smart and sarcastic to confused and gullible. This was a good book and I would like to read the rest of the series.

Rating: 3/5


Paris Jones, is a broke travel writer who is still stuck in a co-dependancy with her ex husband. One day after her friends persistent she enters an essay writing contest where the prize is a month long vacation on the beautiful Sorendi Isle. After winning the contest she travels to Sorendi Isle and meets the sexy Tristan Giovenetti.

Tristan is the owner of the stunning resort in the Caribbean island and he has slept with may women, but all of them always wanted him for his money or resort. Once Tristan sees Paris, he is instantly attracted to her simplicity and after spending many nights together he is unable to make Paris let go of her past and her ex.

Thrown into the mix is Tristan's ex lover and investor Tatianne who is not willing to let him go. Will Tristan choose money or love?

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