Saturday, 25 November 2017

Rescuing Rayne (Delta Force Heroes #1)

Rescuing Rayne

After downloading this book, I was procrastinating reading it because I thought I am not going to like this book and it is going to be boring, however this surprised me and turned out to be a fantastic read filled with action, suspense and romance. I am a huge fan of military and SEAL based books because I love the alpha male heroes who are always willing to protect their woman and country. This was my second time reading a book by Susan Stoker as I had read Protecting Caroline  a while back and I found that I enjoy her dual point of view writing style and her strong characters. I loved Ghost's character because he was the typical protective alpha male who always put others first as well as he never hid his intentions from Rayne at the beginning. Rayne's character was not your typical female, she was strong, independent and always brutally honest and I had really enjoyed that. The chemistry between Rayne and Ghost was scorching hot and well written because their relationship was not only based on physical attraction. I loved the action drama as it made the book more interesting as well as gave it a difficult angle. The incorporation of the SEAL's from the previous series was a great touch as it was great seeing the two different teams getting along. Overall this was a brilliant book filled with hot alpha males, action and romance and I cannot wit to read the rest of the series.

Rating: 5/5


Rayne Jackson is a flight attendant who is used to flight cancellations, however she never expected her latest would lead to a tour of London with a gorgeous stranger  with whom she spends an amazing night. One night is all the handsome stranger can offer which Rayne is more than willing to accept.

Keane 'Ghost' Bryson is a member of the elite Delta Force, and is heading home after another extreme mission. He never expected to meet and seduce the beautiful Rayne during his layover.  For Ghost being a Delta Force member means that he has to protect his identity and lie to Rayne about himself, which is unfortunate considering Rayne was made for Ghost. For the first time in Ghost's life, he is filled with regret when he slips away the next morning.

Rayne and Ghost are both shocked six months later when they meet again under the worst possible circumstances. It seems that destiny has given them a second chance, that is if they can escape a terrorist attack. Can Rayne can forgive Ghost's lies and will Ghost be able to trust Rayne to be strong enough to handle the secrets and uncertainty that comes with a Delta force member.

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