Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Picking Up The Pieces (Picking Up The Pieces #1)

Picking Up The Pieces

After a very long time did I enjoy a book so much to the point that I was addicted and unable to put the book down until I had completed reading it. This was my first time reading a book by Jessica Prince and I loved her writing style because it manged to evoke so many emotions from me. I loved the strength in Emerson's character because she was able to get over her heartache and move on with life and she also learnt from her past mistakes which only made her a better person. The alpha male qualities of Luke's character is what I loved most about him, but he annoyed me when he felt he just come back and apologize and that will take all the pain and heartache away and everything will go back to normal. The secondary characters in the book of all Emerson and Luke's friends were well written and conceived and I especially loved Savannah's character and her loyalty towards her best friend. The introduction of these characters definitely laid the foundation for a brilliant series. The chemistry between Luke and Emerson was good and I really enjoyed their more romantic moments together. Overall this is a brilliant book filled with strong friendships, pain, heartache and unrelenting love and it will definitely take you on a emotional roller coaster with the characters. 

Rating: 4.5/5


Emerson Grace had her heart broken by the only man she had ever loved and it has taken her eight long years to finally pick up the pieces of her life. But now the man who had destroyed her has returned bringing back all the pain of her past with him.

Lucas Allen believed running away from Emmy was the only way to save her from her from the demons he carried within him. After spending a magical night together, Luke takes off believing that Emmy deserves much better than him. Now after eight years he has returned to Cloverleaf to make things right, but will he be able to face all the damage he has caused. 

Will Emerson be able to get over the pain of the past and accept Luke back into her life and give them a chance at love?

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