Monday, 15 January 2018

Snow Angel (Hope Falls #5)

Snow Angel

This is the third book that I am reading in the Hope Falls series and the fourth by author Melanie Shawn and this book has everything you expect from this series such as a sweet and short romance and the small town charm. I enjoyed Melanie's dual point of view style of writing  and the simplicity of her characters as it made for a short and easy read. Eric's character was my favorite in the book because which girl does not love a hot alpha male in uniform, but I also loved his sweet and romantic side. Lily's character was a strong woman who has fought against all odds to survive in the cruel world and she does not use her past as an excuse to give up living which is what I enjoyed the most. The chemistry between Eric and Lily was sweet and romantic and was definitely brilliantly written. I enjoyed seeing the characters from the other books in this series, but I suggest you read the series in order because I was getting a little confused because I have not read all the characters stories. I did wish that there was more drama in the book and that the displayed the danger aspect a bit more. Overall this was a short and sweet romantic novel set in the charming town of Hope Falls and if you love dogs you will definitely enjoy this book.

Rating: 3/5


Eric Maguire is the sexy and hot newly appointed police chief of Hope Falls and he is tired of meaningless hook ups and one night stands. He knows he is ready for something real, when a gorgeous new neighbor move in next door.

Lily Sotelo is running away from her past when she gets a big break to choreograph famous pop star Karina Black's upcoming tour. Even though it is a once in a life time opportunity, Lily knows that at the same time she needs to remain anonymous, which should not be hard considering she spent the last ten years on the move. That is until she meets her handsome next door neighbor who males Lily want things she knows she cant have.  


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