Wednesday, 26 October 2016

First Love Second Choice

First Love Second Choice

A short and cute story which I personally felt could have been longer.  The writing was good and I enjoyed the bit of sadness in the book, but I would have preferred a dual point of view style of writing so we could get to know Bryce better. Keslee's character was well conceived whereas Bryce lacked a depth which I believed would have made the book better.  The chemistry between Bryce and Keslee was sweet, but would have liked to see more of their journey together. A good story of switched identities which I would have loved to be longer.

Rating: 3/5


Keslee, is a wedding planner who during an emergency ice cream run to the grocery store in her pajamas, gets asked out by her childhood crush Bryce, but Bryce thinks that Keslee is her dead twin sister Jay den. Keslee doesn't correct Bryce and this leads to a very awkward date.

Too make matters worse Bryce is the marketing director of a wedding venue where Keslee client wants to get married. Keslee is afraid that she will always be a replacement for her sister. 

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