Monday, 11 September 2017

Hidden Hollywood (Happy Endings Book Club #1)

Hidden Hollywood

This is the first book in the Happy Endings Book Club series and can be read as a stand alone novel. This was my first time reading a book by Kylie Gilmore and I enjoyed her writing style and story, but her character could have used a bot more depth. Claire, I felt was very self centered and even when trying to be a normal person was very concerned about her glamour image and what people will recognize her and I hated the fact that she lived in fear of the press and let them dictate her life. Jake was the typical billionaire character who is tired of money grabbing ladies, but  when he is trying to play a normal person he fully enjoyed the simplicity.  I feel that we did not get to see enough of the characters relationship with each another especially with how Jake manged to deal with Claire's stardom. The chemistry between Claire and Jake was good, but their relationship felt more physical than emotional. The secondary characters of Josh and Hailey was well written and I enjoyed watching their love hate relationship. Overall this was an okay book, that had much more potential.

Rating: 3/5


Claire Jordan is a famous actress, who is currently in the process of making her favorite book into a movie, through which she forms a bond with the author and the Happy Endings book club. One drunken night at the book club, Claire expresses her wish to date a regular guy which results in the book club setting her up with bartender Josh Campbell.

Jake Campbell is a tech billionaire who is tired of the gold digging superficial type ladies, so when his identical twin Josh asks him as a favor to step in as him on a date, Jake figure maybe the the shy regular type girl might be what he needs. After one date and a night of passion with the a regular girl, Jake decides he wants more, except she seems to have vanished.

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