Monday, 4 September 2017

Unconditional (Beachwood Bay #3)


This is another brilliant installment of what is turning out to be a magnificent series by Melody Grace. Melody has managed to keep me attached to the magical town of Beachwood Bay through her wonderful characters and outstanding writing. Garret and Carina's story is one of two damaged souls who are trying to move forward even though their past insecurities keep on trying to pull them back. Carina's character is a one of a strong women who was able to break free of an abusive  and fickle relationship and who has realized her past mistakes and is trying to correct them. Garret is tormented by his past and has been coping through his pain the only way he knew how. I enjoyed Garret's character because he was always willing to see the best in Carina and was always trying to protect her, but he was annoying and cowardly when he was running away from his feelings to avoid the pain. The chemistry between Carina and Garret was explosive and well conceived. I loved watching the characters from the first two books in the series being included in this book because it made the town and story even more familiar and enticing. Overall this is great series and I can't wait to read the final installment.

Rating: 4/5


Carina Mckenzie is running away from an abusive fiance and an awful past which leads her to the one place she felt happiness and comfort - Beachwood Bay. Garret Sawyer is not looking to fall in love again after how he has been hurt in the past especially not with an ice queen like Carina.

Soon after meeting again Garret and Carina are unable to deny their attraction to each other, but will they both be able to get over their hurtful past so that they can build love that is unconditional?

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