Monday, 18 September 2017

Hot Stuff (Hot Zone #1)

Hot Stuff

I am a huge fan of Carly Phillips books and when I choose to read a book of hers I know I am in for a brilliant story, however I felt this book a bit disappointing as it did not have the usual charm of her books. Brandon's character was selfless and always wanting to help those in need even if it meant opening up on his weaknesses, but I missed the alpha male type behavior that are synonymous with Carly Phillips books. Annabelle's character was one with fears and insecurity of losing her family, but I enjoyed how she tries to always keep her family together. I loved the inclusion of Uncle Yank and Lola's story as it helped bring a humorous dimension to the book. The chemistry between Brandon and Annabelle was good, but not as scorching hot as I am used to in a Carly Phillips book. Carly's writing style was good, but I did not enjoy the dual point of view as it kept on switching between characters in the middle of a chapter. Overall this was a good book, but not up to the brilliant standards of Carly Phillips.

Rating: 3/5


Annabelle Jordon, along with her two sisters, were orphaned when they were little which lead to them having to go and live with their sports lawyer uncle. Now all grown up, the girls have become publicists in their uncles firm, The Hot Zone.

Annabelle, is a beautiful young women who tends to be drawn to the athletic type, so when she is forced to take on former football legend Brandon Vaughn she is naturally attracted to me.

The chemistry between Brandon and Annabelle is undeniable and Annabelle soon learns that there is more to Brandon than just a hot jock. Annabelle must now hold on tight if she does not want to lose her heart.

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