Thursday, 7 December 2017

Marry Me Again

Marry Me Again

I had many expectations from this book based on the synopsis that I had read and I was really disappointed because the story did not flow well and at parts the book got really annoying. Ryan's character I felt was very childish especially with the wanting to get married so quickly and expecting Kara to fall back into his arms straight away. Also for a person who is meant to be a genius he never really thought through his actions and its consequences. Kara's character was just annoying because she had no back bone and just went running back to the man who broke her heart as well as she was going into a marriage where she knew something was very wrong and just for the sake that she did not want to be alone. I also did not like Matt's or Kara's mothers character because they just believed the worst of Ryan even though they knew him for so long. The only good thing about this book was the steaming hot chemistry between Ryan and Kara and this was the sole reason I completed the book. Overall this was a predictable second chance which lacked a good story and characters.



Kara has always been in love with her brothers gorgeous best friend, but when he disappears just after proposing to her she is left completely heartbroken. It has taken Kara 5 years to get over Ryan and move on with her life.When she finally feels like she is going to be happy again, Ryan shows up again but now he is richer and more handsome and he wants Kara back in his life again.

Ryan had left the only women he had ever loved due to one horrible incident during a stormy night. No matter how successful he became he knows that Kara is the only one for him. He is now back in their home town to make her his again, but the catch is that she cannot find out what happen the night he left her.

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