Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Never Kiss a Stranger (Never #1)

Never Kiss a Stranger

I generally never read books about step siblings, but I had decided to take a chance and try it out and this books really disappointed me with it's poor plot and annoying characters. It was my first time reading a book by Winter Shaw and I found her writing average and it definitely was not able to completely hold my attention. Wilder's character was an alpha male only in the bedroom because he just let people walk all over him and it annoyed me that he could not keep to his side of the bargain of not falling in love. Then there was Addison's character who was a selfish control freak who let her shady mother dictate her love life and I hated how she kept on telling Wilder that this has to be last time for like three times and for someone who likes rules and control she gave in very easily. The chemistry between Addison and Wilder was average and the intimate scenes were rushed and barely there. The family angel annoyed me as well because Addison's sister was more interested in her career than her sisters happiness. Overall this was a disappointing short novel which had very irritating characters.

Rating: 2/5


Addison Andrews is a workaholic real estate broker who has no time for relationships, so she decides to pick a man from a dating app for a night of pleasure. The guy she chooses is Wilder and his profile is blank, but he looks hot and perfect for a one night stand.

Wilder and Addison agree that it will be one night with no last names, but when they find pleasure together there is no denying that the fit together perfectly.

There is one problem, that Wilder is now her new stepbrother and if anyone found out about them it would ruin her reputation and family. Wilder does not care about the consequences because he wants Addison and will do  anything to have her.

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