Thursday, 21 December 2017

The Unintended Fiance (Captured by Love #4)

The Unintended Fiance 

This was my second time reading a book by this author in this series and I would recommended this to anyone who wants a short and sweet romance to read. The dual writing style by Miranda was good and it allowed you to understand both characters better.  I loved Erin's character because she was not afraid to demand what she wanted as well as she was willing to sacrifice for the man she loved. Brad's character was enjoyable, but I wish I saw a more possessive side of him. The chemistry between Brad and Erin was good, but I wished we saw more of it. The story was  a bit cliche and predictable, but it is a good romance to read in your spare time.

Rating: 3/5


Bradley Mead is a successful businessman who arranges a fake engagement with one of his good friends so that he can prove to a potential client that he is not after his wife. 

Erin Baker, the fake fiance, who is also his sisters best friend ends up being used as a pawn in the underhand tactics by his business rival. Brad is then torn between wanting to win in business and following is heart.

Erin did not expect to fall for her fake fiance as she thought she was immune to his charms. When an ex-boyfriend joins at her work place and starts to pester her, she thought accepting Brad's proposal will be great idea, however she realizes that she still has feelings for him. Will Erin be able to win the heart of the man who has never loved her back and looks to have no intention in doing so? 

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