Sunday, 25 September 2016

Feel The Heat (Rockford Fire Department #1)

Feel The Heat

I am a huge fan of Kathryn Shay, so when I saw this book free on Amazon I could not wait to read it and I must say that Kathryn did not disappoint with this book. I loved that she stepped out of the typical male firefighter cliche and made this book about a female firefighter and she highlighted the problems firefighters families face with the dangers of their job. This was the first firefighter related book that I have read that was so well researched and accurate when it came to the finer details of the occupation, hats off to Kathryn for achieving that. I loved Alex's character especially when he went all alpha male and got jealous and possessive. There were times in the book when I didn't enjoy Francesca's character as she seemed selfish and self centred, especially when she let Alex down or wasn't there when he needed her. I also didn't enjoy that such a large portion of the book was based on Francesca's parents as I would have loved to see more focus on Alex and Francesca. The writing style of the book was good and I loved the chemistry between Alex and Francesca. Kathryn is a talented writer which I love and I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

Rating: 3/5


Francesca Cordaro, is a brave firefighter whom loves her job. One day while on the job, she saves the life of rich businessman Alex Templeton and whilst doing so she gets injured.

Alex sees the sexy firefighter who saved his life and he is immediately attracted to her. Francesca is attracted to Alex, but refuses to go out with him because he belongs to a different world. Alex is unable to accept Francesca's refusal and he tries to persuade her with gifts. After meeting Alex again, Francesca decides for them to become friends as she knows that Alex has very little friends and is lonely.

During their friendship, Alex and Francesca are unable to deny their attraction and eventually decide to give a relationship a try. Will Alex be able to handle the dangers of Francesca's job or will their relationship fail like her parents? 

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