Monday, 19 September 2016

Long Way Home (Mangrove Island #1)

Long Way Home

This is the first book in the Mangrove Island series by Neve Cotterell. I personally felt that the beginning of the book was so slow and boring that I almost stop reading it, but as the story progressed I felt the story getting better and more interesting. This is a second chance romance that I ended up enjoying because of brilliant develop of the lead characters Alexis and Tyler.  Initially I didn't like Alexis character as I felt she was a conceited know it all, who treated her family very badly, but the book revealed more about her past and upbringing, the reader begins to understand Alexis's behaviour. Tyler was a sweet, romantic character which I loved.  I didn't like the writing style because the author kept on switching to different point of views in the same chapter. The chemistry and romance between Tyler and Alexis was well written. I look forward to reading the rest of the Mangrove Island series.

Rating: 3/5


Alexis has returned to Mangrove Island,  the place she hated the most,after seventeen years. She has returned as a successful lawyer, whom now has plenty of pain and secrets.

Tyler, a bartender/ musician, has been in love with Alexis since he was sixteen, but Alexis never seemed to notice him. Now that Alexis is back, Tyler has decided not to let his chance with his dream girl go. Tyler and Alexis begin to spend time together, which makes Tyler realizes that he has to mend Alexis's broken heart before he can stand a chance with her.

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