Monday, 5 September 2016

The Backup ( A Montgomery University Novel #1)

The Backup

(This review is based on the ARC provided by the publisher via Net Galley )

I first have to confess that I read the books in this series in the wrong order as I had completed the fourth book The Comeback before I read The Backup which is the first book in the series. After reading this book I realised that what I considered a mistake was actually a blessing because I didn't enjoy this book at all and as a result I would have not read the other book in the series which I really loved.

When I first started reading it the book I was enjoying it but as the story progressed I began to dislike the characters. I felt that Josie was too self centred and I hated the way that she played Mark and Runner against each other. I also didn't like Runner's character because even though he was in a relationship he was pining after Josies and at the first sign of trouble in Josies and his relationship he went and cheated. It was very annoying to see how both Runner and Josies never took responsibility for their mistakes and always blamed it on circumstances or their poor upbringing. The writing style was good and I liked the football theme to the book. Overall it was an okay book and will be reading the rest of the series because I loved The Comeback.

Rating: 2.5/5


Josie Savage is the the daughter of a star footballer and in order to get away from her fathers limelight and fame she decides to go  far away to college at Montgomery University.  Once at Montgomery she meets Runner Rarity, who is a one of the quarter backs on the university football team.

Runner comes from a poor background and the first time he sees Josie he likes her even though he is still in a relationship with his school sweetheart Tamara. Josie didn't want to date a quarter back due to her experience with her father, but she begins to get attracted towards Runner. Between Josies daddy issues and Runner's crazy ex girlfriend they face many problems in their relationship. Will their relationship be able to make it through the many obstacles ? 

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